Sunday, August 19, 2018

HAPPY DANCING -- October Cottage is done!

I took the last stitch in October Cottage about 20 minutes ago!

Now, to add October Girl next to it!

I so loved stitching this piece.  I had not stitched in so long, I thought perhaps I would never complete another project.

I am on a stitcher's high right now!

Don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me if you think I should offer a Birthday Giveaway!

Have a lovely evening and a great week.

Stay safe, Happy Stitching!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Cottage and pumpkins done... now for bottom border!

I worked on October Cottage for a few hours this afternoon and got a lot done.

I just have the grass and the bottom border and OC will be finished -- then I begin stitching October Girl  from Little House Needleworks! 

Oh, it feels so good to be stitching again... I am blessed!

I wish

Upcoming Birthday and Giveaway!

My birthday is in late October and I've decided to host a giveaway.

I'll have a couple of winners.  Charts, scissors... who knows?

I would love to know if anyone is interested in entering -- just leave me a message on this post.

If I can get 10+ entries, I'll do it!

Happy Stitching! Stay safe everyone.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

PROGRESS: October Cottage August 16th.

I've been stitching in spurts the last week,  but made good progress.  I'm almost finished with the cottage, just pumpkins, grass, and bottom border to go.

The above was my progress as of August 14th.

This is my progress as of 11:00 p.m. August 15th.

I changed the colours on the cottage and I made the door look like one we once had. I haven't decided if I'm going to fill in the windows of the cottage yet.

Can you believe it's Mid-August? Where has the summer gone? I've only been in the pool four times.  It rained the entire month of July (in the afternoon).

I am looking forward to September.  Now, if I could only convince our Governor and the President to abolish Daylight Saving Time!!!

Happy Stitching Y'all!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Facebook LHN / CCN group is having a FALL SAL.

This is the design I chose:

Pumpkins 4 Sale 

I hope to have an October Cottage update this evening.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saint Clare, Patron Saint of Needleworkers

The Feast of St. Clare, Patron Saint of Needleworkers (1193-1253 is celebrated on August 11.

Clare di Faverone was born into Nobility to a family of the town of Assisi. She was educated accordingly.
Assisi was known for its fine embroidery and, as part of her education, Clare would have learned how to demonstrate the most intricate patterns and stitches of that time.

Clare met Francis di Bernadone (Saint Francis of Assisi) and became a follower of his teachings. At eighteen, she discarded the privileges of her birthright to live the cloistered life of a nun.

Many years later, Clare became ill, and she spent the next 30 years as an invalid. In spite of her illness, she tried to be of service in whatever way she could. She turned to needlework. Accounts from that time tell that Clare was never idle, even in illness, and had herself propped up in bed so that she could stitch.

It is known that Clare spun flax into thread, and after the linen was woven, she made altar linens for many of the churches around Assisi.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Today is World Cross Stitch Day!

Today, I'm working on CCN's October Cottage.

Working on the house today.  I HOPE I will finish it before September.

August 10th was the day I lost my beloved Pop.  Just 19 days before my youngest daughter was born. 

This is a photo of Nanie and Pop in 1986.  It's how I remember them best.
Funny... I never realized that they had grown old and never thought there would come a time when I wouldn't have them.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Happy Stitching!


Thursday, August 09, 2018


#BookLoversDay  These are a few of the books I've read, loved, and re-read! 
I'd love to see your list!

1. Black Beauty - Sewell
2. Candide - Voltaire
3. To Kill a Mockingbird - Lee
4. A Moveable Feast - Hemingway
5. The Holy Bible
6. Dracula - Stoker
7. Catch-22 - Heller
8. MacBeth - Shakespeare
9. Congress of Vienna - Nicolson
10. The Hobbit - Tolkien

11. A Brief History of Time - Hawking
12. Guns of Navarone - MacLean
13. Arms of Krupp - Manchester
14. Huckleberry Finn - Twain
15. Bonjour Tristesse - Sagan
16. Jane Eyre - Bronte
17. A Passage to India - Forster
18. Heart of Darkness - Conrad
19. Gone With the Wind - Mitchell
20. Charlotte's Web - White

and 10,000 more... many yet to be discovered!