Thursday, October 03, 2019

#GoDawgs UGA Chili Cheese Dip

'Tween the Hedges Chili Cheese Dip

This is my family's go-to dip for game days and holidays! Whether we're rooting for the Bulldogs, the Yellow Jackets, the Eagles, the Falcons, or the Braves -- (and the Crimson Tide) this Georgia Family is always ready with the best dip!
8 ounces brick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, cubed
2 large cans of chili with beans
1 large can of chili without beans
1 jalapeno, seeded, and diced fine. **OPTIONAL**
1 Large Jar of Medium-to-hot chunky salsa
8 ounces package Colby & Monterey Jack Shredded Cheese
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese -- shredded


Empty all 3 cans of chili into bowl with jar of Salsa and diced jalapeno.
Stir together well.
Spread chili and salsa mixture into a 9 X 9 casserole dish.
Spread shredded cheese over top of the mixture, then fold in evenly with a spatula.
Sprinkle cubed Philadelphia Cream Cheese pieces evenly over the mixture. Press down so that only the top of the cube is visible.
Sprinkle sharp cheddar over the top of the mixture.
If you like your dips H*O*T, add the seeded, diced Jalapeno!

Bake at 350 for approx. 35 minutes until mixture is hot and bubbly. Give a couple of thorough stirs and serve hot with chips, tortillas. Or use as a topping for burgers, dogs, tacos, etc!

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