Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Year of Stitching Dangerously...

I am inundated with large projects. And it is getting to be a chore to work on them.
I wonder... why do I do this to myself?

Taking stock today, I've got too many things going at once. Nine, count 'em, nine projects! I must be out of mind... right out of my mind.

So... what did I do today? I started two new pieces.

Well... okay... it's nine WIPs including the two I just started.

Here's my list:

1. Thread Gathering -- Little House Needleworks
2. Mini-Quaker (designer unknown)
3. Call of the Ocean -- X-Appeal
4. Christmas Cheer -- Drawn Thread
5. Saint Georges -- Long Dog Samplers
6. Knot of Friendship -- Enchanting Lair
7. And They Sinned -- Examplar Dames
8. Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -- Carriage House Samplings
9. Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky

I would add Salem Sisters II but I can't find my damn chart. It's here... somewhere... unless someone broke into the house and stole it... leaving the computers, guitars, jewlery... ;) However, as soon as I do find it, you can bet I'll be starting it.

Obviously... I've been working on ATS and HoHRH for two years now and not accomplishing nearly as much as I've wanted. The small projects are too addictive: quick, easy, and satisfying.

I really must just buckle down and stitch on the big stuff for a while. Lord knows, I'm supposed to have Elizabeth & TLS finished by the end of August. I don't know how, or if, it will be done in time.

That's the only big project with a deadline, if you will. The small projects come and go.

I'd like to see ATS finished this year, but who knows. I did work on it some more today (well, Sunday).

After I finally complete the BAPs I have started and the the two awaiting me, I want to lay off of the big stuff for a year or so. I'm becoming over-whelmed. That's not good as that usually leads to a stitching slump -- something I can ill afford right now.

Boy howdy. I sound bleak, don't I? I think it's a combination of worry about my DH, sinuses, arthritis, and my Braves losing today. :0

But here is good news. I re-filled my Ambien prescription and maybe I can get some sleep tonight!

Happy stitching, ya'll!

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