Monday, December 24, 2007

A very Merry Christmas Eve...

Obviously... I haven't finished Bethlehem / Three Kings and even more obviously, I am insomniac.

Let's see... it's after 3:00 a.m. and even the Ambien has not helped.

I've got a lot done on B/TK today (er... yesterday, the 23rd) but didn't finish -- it really was one of those days. I have yet to do the palm tree at the end of the piece or the Star of Bethlehem near the manger.

Everything else is done -- no, wait, I take that back. The small stars need to be done as well.

Nothing went right today as far as stitching time. Friends stopped by... Daddy brought Morgan and her new computer home. That thing looks like the Death Star and sounds like Darth Vader! I got the one Daddy built for her two years ago -- I suppose it's the Millennium Falcon!

So... not much time as I'd have liked for stitching. This is becoming another Black Hole -- the closer I get to the end, the slower everything seems to take.

I did find something unexpected, though. Rummaging thru the stash box to find my Kreink braid, I found Geranium House -- with the Vikki Clayton silks all kitted up already! YIPPEE!
That just made my day.

If I ever finish B/TK and St. Georges... everything will be perfect!

And so, ends another late night (early morning) ramble. I'm going to try to get some sleep.

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