Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Morning update: ATS

After I posted my update last night, we had some severe weather move through our area and I just kept on stitching.
So... I have a bit more done on ATS than I thought I would. I worked on the left-hand side vine and added a thistle where a simple flower motif would've been.

Not much -- but it is progress!

I plan to stitch through the day (Mike is out of town and my DD is at school -- then off to a slumber party this evening) and probably most of the night. The Atlanta Braves are at Shea Stadium this weekend in a three-game series against the Mets. I have a bet with a pal that my boys win the series!
I'll post an update tonight sometime -- I find that keeping a record also keeps me motivated! This is a long-term stitch. I really want to get it finished!
PS: I've also discovered that ATS no longer fits in the scanner and I'm going to have to start taking a picture of the whole thing -- and folding it to get just the updated portion. How cool is that?

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