Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today (Friday, I mean) didn't work out quite like I'd planned -- I didn't get to spend much time stitching at all.

I need glasses. Desperately. These magnifying glasses I'm wearing are giving me headaches and wreaking havoc with my eyes.

I found a few more needlework motifs for ATS though... I found a shamrock -- I suppose I'll place that where one of the big stars is now. I'd love to find a small Celtic knot, too. Still searching for that.
I found several freebies, too, which I printed out. Always nice to find more to stitch.

I also found a really neat piece of 28 ct. Silkweaver hand-dyed lugana that I didn't know I had -- it's perfect for Blackbird Designs' Blackbird Sampler freebie. I have some of Vikki Clayton's Inky Depths and I think that'll be perfect. Can't start that yet, though!

My Braves beat the NY Mets tonight -- 7 - 3, I think that was the final score.
That made for a nice treat this evening.

Mike comes home tomorrow (Saturday) evening. I'm glad. I miss him terribly. Everytime he's gone -- I find that I really need to sit down and talk to him about something. *sigh* We've been together a long time.

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