Thursday, April 19, 2007

ATS: 1st update since... December!

Hard to believe I haven't worked on And They Sinned since last December. For some reason, I always let this WIP pass right on by.
I spent a little over two hours on it tonight. I finished the half-moon and the star and some of the vine on the right-hand side.
Yes, that's a pair of scissors by the heart and crown. I just never cared for all of the birds and butterflies... so, I've chosen to add a few stitching motifs. You don't think it fits? Well... G_D is the ultimate Tailor, is He not? Did He not gather together the fabric of the universe... cut the Earth from His cloth and sew us together with a fine seam?
Anyway... I like it... my DD and DH like it... and even Vilma liked the idea! :) So, I'm sticking with it!
I'm hoping to do some more on the vine tomorrow as well as add a Scottish Thistle where another flower is on the chart. I'm hoping to get as far as the Tree of Life by Saturday evening.
I just want to finish Page One before I turn 50.

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