Thursday, April 19, 2007

Switching WIPS... ATS, Here I come!

I promised myself that I'd switch WIPs this weekend -- moving over to And They Sinned until Monday.

My head tells me it's a good idea as I haven't worked on it in so long -- but my heart says "NO!" I want to keep working on Quaker Garden Sampler!

Better follow my head this time -- I really do need to try to finish page one of ATS before this year passes so swiftly by.

I'm actually very close to the Tree of Life / serpent motif -- it won't take long to get there and I plan on making a couple of colour changes. The vine is a bit tiresome but that's okay, too.

Mike is out of town on a business trip until Saturday evening, my DD has a sleep-over on Friday and Saturday nights... so I'll have plenty of time to stitch (and not have to worry about cooking. I'll get Pizza!).

I've been putting this piece off for so long -- I wonder how long it'll take me to get back in the "groove" of things? Hopefully not too long.

I have to say, if I'd known about Vikki Clayton's silks way back when -- I'd be stitching ATS in those rather than in the GAST / WDW. That's for darn sure!

I have to gather all my WIPs from my corner of the sofa and safely put them away in their giant Zip-Loc baggies (Thank you, Elegant Stitch!) and tuck them into the ottoman. That way, if I don't see them, I won't try to work on them.

It's just me and ATS until Sunday!

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