Friday, March 02, 2007

Update: A New Beginning

With 29 of 33 motifs complete! This is my conversion list to HDF (Vikki Clayton's Silks) so far:
Conversion from DMC to HDF.

1. Lavender & Rose (First Motif, left-hand corner)
2. Blueberry Creme
3. Dandelion
4. Alpine
5. Okika
6. Wisteria (Last motif on top row)
7. Autumn leaves (Leaf motif)
8. Dragon Tears
9. Jazz Blues (Letter T) (all initials)
10. Jazz Blues (1st motif, 2nd row)
11. Raspberry Sky (small motif at top left of diamond)
12. Cherry Blossom (Diamond-shaped motif)
13. Caribbean Eve (small motif at top of diamond)
14. Briar Rose (small motif at bottom right of diamond)
15. Blackberry ( Large square motif)
16. Peach Muntain (small flower motifs)
17. Nectarine (Last motif on outside 2nd row)
18. Madrigal (1st motif on 3rd row)
19. Jazz Blues (Letter P)
20. Dragon Fire
21. Flax (small motif, bottom left side)
22. Peacock (small motif, top right side)
23. Robiness (small motif, bottom right side)
24. Blue Sky (Peacocks and flowers)
25. Glacial (Oblong motif under peacocks)
26. Baneberry (Large motif on end of row 3)
27. Russian Sage (1st Motif on Row 4)
28. Dragon Hoard (Horizontal Motif, Row 4)
29. Orb (Larger motif under horizontal band, Row 4)
30. Golden Peach (Vertical Motif, Row 4)
33. Sue-Purple-ous (Last motif, bottom row, memorium for Sue Gastler)

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