Friday, March 02, 2007

Caution for those stitching "A NEW BEGINNING"!

This is a "heads up" to those stitching A New Beginning -- if you are tracking the floss colours that you're using (as I am) -- rely on your graph for accuracy, not the photo on the cover!

I've stitched 29 motifs -- out of 33.

HOWEVER... Looking at the cover of A New Beginning, there were only 32 motifs... I counted, re-counted, counted again and again... couldn't find my mistake until I realized that one of the motifs charted on the graph was NOT on the photograph!
That explains why I had stitched 29 of 32 motifs -- yet still had 4 more to go instead of three!

Now that I've found the error, I am not off as I originally thought and I've got just 4 more to go (unfortunately not three as I'd hoped.)

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