Monday, March 26, 2007

Screaming rotation...

Now that A New Beginning is finished -- it's time to pick up some older WIPs.
I worked on St. Georges while Mom was in to see the Doctor.

Right now, I've got Houses of Hawk Run Hollow laid out on the sofa -- I'll be working on that this afternoon. I'm about 1/4 done on House #2.

Maybe I'll have a good photo update later on this evening. All depends on whether I can keep my eyes open and stitch. The Severe Allergy tabs that Mike brought to me last night are NOT the non-drowsy formula and I am so darn sleepy.

At least my trusty crockpot is on full-tilt and I don't have to worry about dinner tonight. Confederate Pot Roast for everyone!

(In case you're wondering -- I'm in Georgia -- we do not make Yankee anything down here! ;0 )

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