Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back to the House!

I got back to House #2 of Houses of Hawk Run Hollow last night. I'm almost finished with the roof. Instead of going straight into the body of the house, tho, I think I'll go up and over and do the tree on the right-hand side.

The colour for the roof isn't variegated -- so I used the Danish Method to stitch it and it worked up so much faster. A welcome change from all the English Method (crossing each stitch as you go) stitching I did on A New Beginning!

The body of the house is going to be time-consuming with the colour changes. But that's okay. I think I may be able to finish it before April 1. I hope so!

Come April 1, I have to start the Lighthouse or I won't get it done in time.

Time to get back to it.

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