Thursday, March 29, 2007

SBQ: Internet Freebies

SBQ: Do you have a system for organizing freebie charts in your stash? If so, what is it? Do you print out copies of all of the freebies that you find on the web (that you think you might actually stitch) or do you maintain electronic copies of them until you are ready to stitch them?

I put the freebies that I find on the internet into plastic cover sheets and then into a 3-ring binder. I only print out the ones I know that I might really want to stitch one day. I have a few saved to my hard-drive but not many.

Not that many internet freebies appeal to me. Most of them are just so... simplistic and poorly done. I do like designs made available from designers such as Passione Ricamo, Blackbird Designs, Ink Circles... the French Designers...

I probably have about 200 freebies that I've saved over the past eight years.

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