Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stitching and sneezing...

Pine trees. Why do I have to be allergic to the pine trees? I live in Georgia, for pity's sake. I have three huge pines in my front yard... and my nice, white Jeep is yellow with pollen.

Makes stitching an adventure that's for sure. Heaven knows where your stitch will land if you sneeze unexpectedly.

I'm so close to finishing House #2... and now, with all the talk and new photos of progress on some of the blogs... I want to pick up And They Sinned and get back to that one. I changed the heck out of that area just below the cloud and above the Tree of Life. But, hey, it's mine to live with and no one else's -- besides, Vilma loved my idea -- so that makes it even better!

I've got entirely too darn many BAPS screaming at me at one time. Darn it -- I don't know which way to turn at this point.

Okay, enough chatter. Time to stitch.

Now, where did I put those sinus tablets?

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