Saturday, March 31, 2007

"House" of horrors...

I got a lot done on House #2 tonight. Unfortunately, I got a lot "undone", too.

I had managed last night to put a line one stitch off and had to frog about 30 stitches... then, after fixing that and moving on to the red brick area... I realized that BOTH of the birds on the right-hand side were off... so... I had to take all of those stitches out and re-stitch them.

Oh bother.

I still got a lot done. I'm just too wound up from all that stitching to scan it right now. It's... good grief... 3:39 a.m.

I'm heading back to Target tomorrow to get another Sterilite Storage Unit. This one's for my DD, however. I caught her trying to run off with mine -- uh, huh. Not happening.

I'm hoping I can finish the door for House #2 before we run off to Savannah tomorrow -- will make that much less to finish tomorrow evening. I can stitch most of the night -- except while BBC-America's Robin Hood is on.
When that comes on -- everything stops.

IF (big "IF ") I do finish House #2 -- that will give me 5 finishes already this year. Not a bad start.

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