Saturday, March 31, 2007

Addicted to...

Craft Carts. In particular, the Sterilite craft carts from Target. I bought two more this afternoon. Sadly, I only get to keep one for myself -- my DD took the other one to her room!

I've filled on cart with my fabrics. The other has my fibres and stitching tools. I'll be using this one for my charts.

I think I'll probably need two more -- one to put my WIPs in and one for completed pieces that aren't framed or finished in some way.

The next think I'm working on is a table-top stitching lamp. This is the Floor Lamp that I've had for three years. This table-top lamp is the one I'm considering buying for stitch-ins and GTGs.

They carry these at both Joann's and AC Moore... so a 40% or 50% Off coupon could make this a very inexpensive purchase.

Ah, well... time to get back to the House -- I've got windows, bricks, and doors to install! :)

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