Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ATS: Changes and some progress

I worked on And They Sinned a few hours on Sunday and Monday. I decided to take out the birds and butterflies that reside under the never-ending cloud and above the tree. Instead I'm adding a few sewing motifs: scissors, thimble, needle and thread, and a scattering of old buttons.

I know this doesn't appear to fit the theme of this sampler, however, I believe that it does.

G_D is the ultimate tailor. He cut the fabric of the Universe to create the tapestry that is the Heavens and the Earth... He embroidered upon it the Savannas and the deserts, the oceans and the mountains... the green valleys and the cool blue ice caps.

That is His patchwork quilt. We are all recorded in His family sampler.

So, to me anyway, the sewing motifs fit well with the theme of Creation. A slipped stitch... a tangled floss... a cut in the fabric of time and the ultimate re-weaving of this precious tapestry.

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