Friday, December 22, 2006

No SBQ this week? I'll ask one of my own!

This has been a favourite question on several forums:
What's in your Stitching bag?

I love my stitching bag! I rarely go anywhere without it and I keep it stocked with Must Have items:

Stitch Counter
2 highlighter pens
ink pen
Notebook for writing down ideas, chart alterations
extra packs of size 24 & 26 needles
magnifying glasses
retractable tape measure
Tide Stain Stick
small flashlight
two or three small charts w/ all necessary material for stitching
one bigger kitted project
extra skeins of DMC Black, White, & Ecru
Eileen Bennett's Red Book of Sampler Stitches
Aleeve (arthritis)
Udderly Smooth Skin Cream (Tube)

There may actually be a couple more items, but I'm afraid to look at the moment!

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