Sunday, December 17, 2006

The 10 / 25 / 50 Challenge.

I swore I wasn't going to do this...
I Lied!

I am going to do it. I really need to thin-out my stash box (and my fabric box as well!). I have way too much stuff and, lately, I've been buying too much. So I'm taking up the challenge of no new stash (charts & hopefully, fabric) until I finish the following projects. I only have 16 of my chosen number of 25, but I have to go through my stash to find the other nine I want to get stitched up.

I've also set a goal of 10 finishes for 2007. It may sound like a small number -- but with several BAPS (Big-Arsed Projects) going, it may prove my undoing!

1. And They Sinned (BAP, WIP)
2. Houses of Hawk Run Hollow (BAP, WIP)
3. Saint Georges
4. Bethlehem / Three Kings (as one panoramic project) (BAP)
5. Washday Again
6. Quaker Garden Sampler
7. Sampler House
8. Scottish Castle Sampler (BAP)
9. Elizabeth & The Lavender Sky (BAP)
10. A New Beginning (BAP, WIP)
11. Matter's Choice
12. Westwinds
13. Eightsome Reel (BAP)
14. Strawberry Summer
15. Lady Scarlet's Journey (BAP)
16. Backwater Woody (BAP)
17. Village of Hawk Run Hollow
18. Winter Blues

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