Friday, October 20, 2006

Time with Miss Mary

I had a few hours of "free" stitching time today (had to get a tire repaired -- took hours!) so I worked on Miss Mary Mack.

I still haven't found the skull or spider buttons (or charms or beads...) that I want, but I'm still looking!

Tonight, I'll go back to work on And They Sinned. I didn't want to lug that huge thing down to the tire place... uh huh.

I'd like to get another 1/4 of Page One of ATS finished before the end of the month. That's my goal anyway.
Mike will be gone next week from Thursday afternoon until Saturday night, so I should have lots of free time to stitch while my DD is at school and later, after she's asleep.

I will be so glad when ATS is finally finished.

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