Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Too many WIPs again...

I swore I wouldn't do this again. I really intended to keep the WIPs to three... (See: Good Intentions: Paving the road to Hell).

My WIPs:

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
And They Sinned
A New Beginning
St. Georges
Washday Again
Miss Mary Mack

Double the number I'd intended... I'm going to have to put St. Georges, Washday Again, and A New Beginning on an "as needed" rotation, I suppose.

HoHRH is coming along slowly but surely, MMM is working up fairly quickly, but ATS hasn't had any attention in 10 weeks. Way too long.

Washday again has the least amount of work done. So, that I can pick up on those occasions when I have just a little while to devote to stitching.

I'm very unhappy with myself because I didn't do any stitching whilst Mom was hospitalized. I just couldn't concentrate at all. 10 weeks. I probably would've had at least 3 houses done on HoHRH -- another 1/4 page of ATS. But I let it get away.

And, of course, the trouble is that I'm itching to start something new. Quaker Garden will arrive in the next day or so... along with the floss and linen.

I'm already looking forward to starting Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky -- I have the fabric and chart... just need to get a conversion to Vikki's HDF silks and buy those.

I'm trying hard to resist beginning something new until something old is finished, but if past history is any indication, I won't.

So much for good intentions.

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