Thursday, August 31, 2006

SEPTEMBER GOALS (August Progress)

August Progress:

Finished Garland Fair
Finished Never-ending Cloud, And They Sinned

September Goals:

Finish House #5, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
Finish Miss Mary Mack
Complete top row motifs of A New Beginning
Complete 1/4 of Washday Again

Unfortunately, two of my goals (HoHRH & MMM) are held-over from August.
With the lamp down and a family member ill, I wasn't able to do everything I'd intended to do. However, things are looking a bit better and the replacement lamp is here.

Maybe today I'll actually feel like stitching again!

With September comes the promise of fall... cooler days and nights and a re-birth for me as I much prefer the cold to the heat. I am a late fall baby and summer holds no fascination for me at all.

Here's hoping your stitching time is always a happy time.

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