Sunday, September 03, 2006

The good news is...!

I stitched last night!!!
The bad news (well, not really...) is that I started something new... Saint Georges by Long Dog.
I bought Holly Leaves premium silk from Vikki Clayton for it and have it worked up on 28 ct. raw linen.

It's looking really nice -- the colour is just lovely, if I do say so myself!

I'll post a photo later when I have that first motif complete.

I should be working on A New Beginning, but I just had to try out the new silks last night.

We aren't going to be home too much today... lots of family matters to take care of and errands to be run -- yes, even on Sunday.

Next week, we're having our daughter's BD party at the local community house -- so we've lots of 'finger foods' to buy as well as cake baking supplies, etc. Ought to be fun. She's taking her stereo and CDs... we're hauling the little pool table down there, too.

She's asked me to bake 3 (!) cakes: Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Apple Spice. Those are her favourites. With 18 kids coming... that's not a bad idea.

I'm bringing earplugs. But not my stitching -- bad lighting, don't ya know!

Since I'm up early and no one else is stirring... I may as well go stitch for a while.

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