Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad month for stitching, I suppose.

I only met one goal for this month: the never-ending cloud of ATS is finished.

Between family crisis and a broken lamp -- stitching took a nose dive.


Maybe September will be more productive. I can't seem to get back into the rhythm of needle and thread right now.

Right now, the house is quiet... the laundry is on... dinner is no big hurry... and I'm still not stitching.

I just can't concentrate -- too many things on my mind and not enough rest. Sleep, yes. Fitful and sporadic... and no real rest.

A nice, tall strawberry daiquiri sounds about right. Maybe two.

I am just overwhelmed with things right now. Although... I did find a new project to add to my rotation: St. Georges by Long Dog. I ordered the silks for it from Vikki Clayton this morning: Holly Leaves in the Premium.

One of the things I SHOULD be doing is trying to find some mislaid floss... I decided to kit up the Mirabilia Elizabeth and The Lavender Sky and I found the chart and fabric... can't find the damn floss!

Story of my life. My scissors are still MIA as well.

I hate August.

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