Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Never-ending Cloud: FINISHED!

This is the never-ending cloud of ATS. FINISHED!!! Another goal for August met!
I am so tickled -- it seemed as if it would go on forever.

The bad news??? My damn lamp broke! My Daylight Lamp decided to screw up -- luckily, I am getting it replaced. But I'll be without a lamp for a week or so. Probably means no stitching for me.

*sigh* And I was really on a hot streak, too.

I wonder if the light over my dining room table would serve as a temporary replacement?

I am so mad about that lamp -- I sure can't stitch on ATS or HoHRH without it. Those are both 32 ct. and require lots of light. I MAY be able to work on A New Beginning as that's on 28 ct. lugana.

I hate this -- sometimes, when I take a break from stitching, I lose interest and get involved in other things. Sometimes it takes months to get back on track.

You know... I may just see what lamps are available at Big Lots or Wally World... just as a temporary measure.


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