Saturday, July 29, 2006

An unproductive night of...


I've just spent the better part of two hours stitching the cloud on ATS... only to discover three lines in to it that I "over stitched" two stitches... so I had to rip out three lines and re-stitch them.

Only to discover that I'd miscounted the very TOP line... and had to rip out a total of seven finished lines. Darn good thing I have so many skeins of Pebble.

I am really livid -- I just can't believe I miscounted and mis-stitched and have it to re-do tomorrow. I am *NOT* going to try to re-do it tonight. I'm upset and will no doubt screw it up again.

I did manage to get some done things correctly, though, so it's not a total waste of time. I can actually start the "Slate" area of the cloud after I finish that one small area I flubbed tonight.

At least I know what threw me off count -- when I first started working on ATS, I moved the spears below the top large stars so that they were not off-set. They didn't look symmetrical and I didn't like the way they were placed.
Unfortunately, that threw off my counting on this area of the darn cloud.

So, tomorrow, I'll just re-count, use a marking pin to set my place, and begin anew.

But tonight... I've put my work away and I have a nice wine cooler in hand. I'm going to enjoy every single drop of it -- then I'm going to bed.

I'll probably dream about... frogs in clouds.

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