Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mission: Not accomplished.

I am not too darn happy right now. I didn't finish Garland Fair and I didn't finish the cloud on ATS. I think that cloud grew overnight.

Nothing for it, except to keep stitching away until both are done.

I may as well finish Garland Fair tomorrow -- at least get that one out of the way.

I want to start A New Beginning -- but I just refuse until GF and the cloud are both done. That way I can at least make two goals -- even if they are a bit late in coming.

This is a true first for me. Normally , I'd just start ANB and leave ATS for later. Heaven knows, though, I've put off ATS for far too long as it is. This time, something else has to wait it's turn!

I am also eager to start House #2 of HoHRH. If nothing else, I can do the border this week.

I know I'll have a lot more stitching time once my DD goes back to school, but I do miss her so when she's gone. *sigh*

Especially now that she's stitching with me again.

So. It's the Witching Hour and I'm ready for a wine cooler.

I'll get up early to work on GF.


Maybe I'll sleep in. :)

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