Sunday, July 30, 2006

Off Day

It's been an "off" day all 'round.

I slept WAY late... will blame that on too many nights with insomnia and one mango wine cooler.

Haven't stitched today at all -- have nothing and no one to blame save myself.

I searched high and low for Morgan's project: she wants to stitch "MUSIC" by Hinzeit. I can't find it anywhere... and I KNOW I have it! I can't find "DAUGHTER", either.

I have a fear that they were put in a box that was sent to Goodwill. Makes me sick to even think about that. Because that will also mean that about a dozen other charts went that way, too. Including a couple of Shepherd's Bush kits.

I am sending Prayers to Saint Anthony even as I write this.

Also in the "can't find" column are my DMC flosses for Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky. Lovely. There is also a mother-of-pearl marking pin that disappeared last night from my sofa -- I know full well that the culprit was our 4 month old kitten, Arkasha. He's a bit of a thief -- steals my floss right out of my needles and now this!

I have a wonderful English Wardrobe that my sister, Beth, bought for Morgan (before she was born!) and I am seriously thinking of commandeering it for my XS fabrics and charts. I need something -- I have XS paraphenalia all over my house.

I have been productive in that I managed to bookmark a couple of French Freebies and even printed one.
Free French Sampler in 16 parts

Okay... I know I should be busily working on Garland Fair -- I will. I'm afraid my vow to finish it this weekend has been broken... as has my promise to myself to finish the never-ending cloud.

I won't beat myself up over it, though. If I let myself get discouraged... I'll put my needle down and that will only make it worse.

I promise... tomorrow, I stitch!

Right now, I'm going to get my wonderful magic wand ( a bright orange magnet) and scour the living room for that darn marking pin! When Morgan gets home, she and I are going thru every box to try to find our missing charts.

Then... maybe I'll stitch. Maybe.


Maybe I'll have just one more Mango wine cooler! ;)

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