Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have a gremlin or two living in my house. They take great delight in hiding my stitching stash and supplies. Tonight, with the help of one poor misguided and easily corruptible kitten, they have absconded with my Hinzeit charts and charms.

However, in the ensuing melee that we called a search effort, I DID manage to find where they'd hidden my Drawn Thread "Treasure Box" and several packages of NPI, SSS, and GAST as well as my handy-dandy measuring tape and assorted lost stash.

I know the gremlins find this endlessly amusing -- I don't.

I am now quite ready for the mango wine cooler.

Tomorrow, being ever optimistic, I'm going to search again.

Who knows what the gremlins will steal while I'm pre-occupied with my search.

My guess is that last pack of #28 Piecemakers I have hidden away.

I am really trying so hard not to be frustrated. After all, no one broke into my house and stole my charts...

Saint Anthony -- take pity, please. Return to me that which does not belong to Thee!

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