Monday, July 31, 2006

Thank you, Saint Anthony!

UPDATE: Lost stash is now found!

With many thanks to Saint Anthony, my lost Hinzeit charts and charms (as well as the other missing stash) has been found. Found in a box that was emptied and searched TWICE!

I am not at all complaining -- if we'd not searched for the missing Hinzeit's... we'd never have found the missing flosses and the Drawn Thread!

Unfortunately, now I'm wide awake. Rummaging thru boxes will do that to you!

Even my beloved mango cooler can't seem to make me sleepy tonight. So...

I started another project.

No, not "A new beginning" or "Washday again". I started working on "Ladybug" by Hinzeit. Since Morgan will work on "Music" this week, I did promise to stitch along with her.

It'll be fun. And if I finish before her, I have two more Hinzeit's waiting in the wings: "Daughter" and "Princess".

I know that I'd promised myself NOT to start anything new, but...

Promises are like piecrusts, easily made and easily broken.


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