Friday, July 28, 2006


There is something to be said for insomnia, I suppose. I'm getting a lot of stitching done and getting to watch a lot of late night movies.

But I'm not getting enough rest.

I was so exhausted today from a sinus headache that I crashed about 4:30 or so. Woke up about 7:00, put on my stitching glasses and got back to it.

I should know better than to stitch this late, really. That's usually when I make mistakes. Big mistakes.

But I didn't see any tonight -- I checked.

I'm still debating about ripping out the bird on Garland Fair. The off-set seems glaringly obvious to me, but no one who's looked at here at home can see it.


I just know I'll always regret it if I don't go back and fix it. Then, I'll begin to dislike it... and won't want to frame it or display it and that would be a shame.
It's a dilemma to be sure.

Well, it's darn near 4:30 a.m. and I really should go to sleep.

I just hope I can...

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