Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Garland Fair update

This is Garland Fair as of Midnight, July 28. I think I'll have this finished by Saturday evening. I hope so, anyway.

I have to work on ATS for a while -- I really want to have the cloud done by Tuesday.

My DD picked out a chart she wants to do -- it's MUSIC by Hinzeit. She picked out some lovely hand-dyed fabric from Silkweaver and she's going thru the flosses to find one she likes... my guess is that she'll pick something from Needle Necessities for it... something in blue or green probably.

I promised to stitch along with her -- so I'll do LADYBUG, also by Hinzeit. I already have the perfect colour picked out! It's Ladybug by GAST! How appropo!

We'll have to start (and finish) soon as she goes back to school in less than two weeks. High School.

I can't believe it. My baby is going to high school.


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