Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Cloud

It's never ending. That cloud on the top of page one of ATS is simply never-ending.
I have managed five more lines tonight -- not as much as I'd hoped, but not too bad.
Just about 5 more and I'll be down toward the sun and the cloud colour change.

I've thought seriously about finishing all of the pebble areas before making the colour change, but not too sure that's a good idea. When I moved the 'spears' from beside the largest stars to underneath them, I may have thrown off the top of that cloud by a few stitches... so, I'll do the other colour first and count "up" toward the pebble rather than down.

Clear as mud, yes?

I am looking hard at all of the clutter beneath the cloud and above the tree. I don't like it. I don't care to stitch all of those butterflies -- so I'm not going to do those. Too cluttered, too messy, too busy.

I'm not going to stitch that squirrel under the tree, either. Maybe... a cat instead??? Or maybe a flag or two...

I've got a while to think about it before I get there, that's for sure.

I was going to stitch a bit more tonight, but think I'll go have a lovely glass of that Mango Wine that Mike bought for me -- mixed with 7-Up!

Yes, a nice wine cooler sounds good about now.

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