Monday, July 24, 2006

House #1 -- Completed!

YIPPEE!!! After several false starts and much procrastination -- I'm done with House #1 of HoHRH!

I did change the suggested dark colour of the grass for a lighter shade: Vikki Clayton's "Forest". Makes a much better contrast between the grass and the vine.

I'm on my way -- I'm really pleased with the House, it looks good! This also marks two of my monthly goals met. I'm very pleased.

Tonight, I pick up ATS and work on the never-ending cloud... that's goal #3 of #4 main goals for July. The other goal is to finish Garland Fair.

8 Days. I have 8 days to finish the cloud and GF.

After a short break to do some laundry, shop for groceries, and clean the living room, I should be able to pick ATS up and start stitching.

Then, I am determined to go to sleep before 4:00 a.m!

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