Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A walk in the clouds

I made a good bit of progress on the cloud early this morning. The pebble is... oddly shaded. To say the very least! Six skeins -- all different!

I found an old notebook from WAY back in 2003 -- apparently when ATS was new. In it was all of the old posts from the SAL at the Legacy Board. I'm glad I saved all of that... there are some great tips and suggestions as well as many chart error corrections. Big help.

All of those posts were wiped out when the hacker hit ezboards... But I still have them!

I'm keeping a stitching diary of the project. Trying to keep track of colour / fibre design changes, etc. I've made a few -- will no doubt make many before before I'm through.

It's a very thought-provoking project. The subject is interesting and intriguing... the fact that there is so much room to personalize makes it even better.

Right now, however, I don't want to think beyond page one. I have to get through page one. And first, I have to finish that cloud.

Tonight, I really need to work on Garland Fair. That's a finish that's not too far away. Just have to keep going at it.

I've been very good, you know. I haven't started either Washday Again or A New Beginning yet.

Then again, I haven't worked on Miss Mary Mack in two weeks, either.


So many WIPs... Why do I do this to myself??? LOL!

Okay, enough rambling. I'm off to stitch!

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