Monday, May 22, 2006


I just finished NAVY by Hinzeit. I stitched this up on 30 ct. cream Ginnie Thompson linen (my last piece, *sob*) using GAST 'Gold Leaf', Simply Shaker 'Black Raspberry Jam', and invisible thread to attach the charms.

You'll notice one charm is missing. That's because the 4th charm included in the accessory package is a Diver. Well, Mike wasn't a Navy Diver -- he DID serve on the USS Nimitz. So, I had a friend order an aircraft carrier charm for me -- that fits much better!

It was a very quick stitch -- I enjoyed it. I think I'm getting hooked on the Hinzeit designs!
I'm working on PRINCESS now for my DD. Although... I'm thinking WITCH would've better suited her at the moment... or maybe one called SPOILED BRAT.

Anyway... in the spirit of the Nimitz, here's wishing you all:

Fair Winds and Following Seas -- Always!

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