Thursday, May 18, 2006

Damn Frog and a new addiction!

I am stitching a small charm sampler called NAVY by Hinzeit. 41 stitches high by 65 wide. Simple. Right?


I miscounted last night and had to frog about 40 stitches across... turned around and did the very SAME thing this morning.

However, I did get some better news... there are 4 charms in this kit: Navy Emblem, Aircraft, Sailor, and Diver. Can't use the Diver -- Mike wasn't a Diver! But, thanks to Debbie, I did find an Aircraft Carrier Charm and thanks to Carolyn, I will have it soon!

Mike served on the Nimitz... the love of his life... and is a veteran of the Beirut Conflict. This will make a really nice memento of his time on board.

I love the Hinzeit charts and charms! I have NAVY, PRINCESS, and LADYBUG and will be ordering SISTERS, DAUGHTER and a couple others soon!

I'm passing my addiction along to others as best I can...

A girl's gotta have some fun!

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