Thursday, June 01, 2006

JUNE GOALS (May Progress)


Hhhhmmm, nothing much to report. I finished my aida project and stitched a little bit on a couple of things... but no major progress to report.
May was a true stitching slump. *insert sad face here*


Let's just say I am preparing for a short rotation! I want to finish the top half of ATS and Garland Fair.

That may be one heckuva lot more attainable than my previously stated goals for ATS!

Right now, I am on the never-ending cloud on ATS. If I can finish that this month, I'll feel like I've accomplished something big! Garland Fair is looking "iffy" at best right now.


I just haven't found the same enthusiasm, drive, and will to stitch that I had in March and April. I am trying to recapture the spirit, though.

My DD will be gone for about a week beginning Friday... so, w/ housework out of the way (we are doing a major clean right now) and minimal cooking to be done... I am going to make myself stitch -- sometimes it's the only way.

Anyway... that's the way of things... life with a needle and thread.

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