Thursday, April 13, 2006

When the stitching isn't fun...

What do you do when the stitching isn't fun? I'm working on a project right now that I designed... I like the design, it turned out really nice. But, I have to stitch the model on aida.

I hate aida.

So, I'm not really enjoying the process. Maybe because I can't stitch in hand and have to use the q-snaps. Maybe it's because the fabric is too darn stiff. Maybe... it's just because...

I've had this happen a couple times before -- you know -- start a project with enthusiasm only to lose the desire after a while when it becomes a chore rather than a joy.

That happened to me several years ago with a design called the Sunflower Sampler from an old CS&CC magazine. I stitched it up on 16 ct. oatmeal aida... took me months to finish. It... just... dragged... it wasn't until the end was in sight that I began to stitch faster -- anything to get that finish.

Same with the Victorian Circle from Glorafilia -- it took me bloody forever. Almost a year to finish ONE leaf. A YEAR!
I almost stopped stitching entirely over that one.

But, I finished it and it won a Blue Ribbon at my County Fair.

I get like this sometimes... a flurry of finishes and then a long drought when my enthusiasm runs dry and I feel like giving it up for a loss.

I have five recent finishes... and am struggling for number six.

Can I hold on? Can I pass thru this turbulent water and emerge refreshed on the other side? I hope so. I have so much more to do.

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