Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Selling some STASH...

Sometimes... there is too much STASH.

It happens... even if most stitchers are in denial about it, it does happen. It's happened to me. I've got too much stuff. Most of it isn't anything I'm ever going to stitch anyway, sadly. It's the stuff I've accumulated over the years for whatever reason and to whatever purpose.

So, I'm slowly but surely trying to sell it off. It serves two purposes, really. I rid myself of things I'll never stitch (or have already stitched) and make room for the things that interest me now.

My STASH sale album is here

If you see anything you like... don't hesitate to email me -- I will ship anywhere. Just ask about postage.

It's not a lot. For all of my big talk -- there's too much I still cling to hoping that one day, I'll stitch it!

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