Monday, April 10, 2006


I don't like to stitch in silence. Never have... I usually have a CD playing -- sometimes the television, although, that's a bit more distracting.

I have certain things I really like to listen to whilst stitching... Edith Piaf... Yves Montand... Stevie Nicks... King Crimson... The Moody Blues... The Wyndbreakers and Eric Duncan... and Bagpipes.

Yes. Bagpipes. I love them --- they haunt me.

If I do stitch with the TV on -- I usually just tune most of it out. Then again, I don't mind stitching to the LoTR movies... or House, M.D. Eye candy can be a good motivator.

Right now? I'm listening to Stevie Nick's Box Set: Enchanted. But after, I get the roast on for dinner, pick up the Living Room and bathrooms... I'll put House on the DVD and start working on...

HHhhhhhmmmmmm... what should I be working on today?

I should start something new. *grin*

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