Friday, April 14, 2006

Letting go...

I have a box of Cross-Stitch magazines. A big box. A big heavy Rubbermaid container filled with 14 years worth of collecting and saving.

But I don't really ever stitch from magazines so the time has come to just... let them go.

I'm going to try to make a master list of the magazines that I have and maybe list one or two of the main designs and then try to sell them.

What else can I really do with them?

It's not an easy decision really. I've spent 14 years gathering... collecting... hoarding. It was an obsession at one time.

Now, they take up too much space.

Oh, there are a few that I'll keep. Some old Cross Stitch & country Crafts, of course. Anything with Shepherd's Bush -- addicted to 'Pudgies', don't ya know!

Other than that... it's all fair game and the sale's the thing.

I'll post the list here... and the link to my STASH Sale Album is in my Hideaways list.

My email is easy enough: I'm bronzemom. I'm at gmail. *grin*


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