Sunday, March 12, 2006

WIPS and More WIPS

I should know better than to go plundering thru my fabric box. I did so last night and found, much to my horror and chagrin, two more WIPs. Both of them are small Just Nan "freebies" from several years ago. One is about 1/3 complete. The other maybe only 1/8 complete.

Why were they in my fabric box and not my WIP drawer? Interesting question -- one I won't have an answer for, I'm sure. Oh, well. That now makes three -- count 'em -- three Just Nan WIPs to finish!

The latter is Gillyflower Grace and it's a larger band sampler. I'd found a gorgeous piece of Apple Blossom linen at Maureen Appleton's booth at CATS in Charleston in 2004 and started it on that. Then, somehow, stupidly SOLD the darn chart! Luckily, and thankfully, Nan had two copies of Gillyflower Grace left at the Silver Needle booth at CATS in Hershey in 2005 -- so I bought it and now I can finish it! One day soon...

I did also luck out with the fabric I need for Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky! Right there in my fabric box was a large piece of Silkweaver "Frenzy" -- it's the perfect size and the perfect colour and I saved myself over $20! *sigh* Saint Patrick's Day approaches and I had the luck of the Irish this weekend!

I am just awaiting the arrival of the threads to finish kitting this up. I have to try NOT to start stitching it, tho. Three BAPS at one time may be more than I can handle.


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