Monday, March 13, 2006

Saint Clare of Assisi: Patron Saint of Needleworkers

Saint Clare (1193-1253) (Clare di Faverone) was the daughter of a wealthy Nobleman in the town of Assisi.
Assisi was known for its fine embroidery and Clare learned how to execute the finest
and most intricate stitches to perfection. Fine needlework was an important part of every noblewoman's education at that time.
Clare met Francis di Bernadone (Saint Francis of Assisi) and she realized that the ideals he preached would guide her own life.
At the age of eighteen, she left all the privileges of her rank to live the cloistered life of a nun.
Many years later, Clare became ill, and she spent the next 30 years as an invalid.
In spite of her illness, she tried to be of service in whatever way she could.
So, she turned to needlework.
Accounts tell us that Clare was always busy, even in her illness, and had herself
propped up in bed so that she could stitch.
We know that Clare spun flax into thread, and after the linen was woven, she made altar linens, for many of the churches of the valley and hills around Assisi.

The Feast of St. Clare is celebrated on August

Meg Shinall has designed a really lovely chart of Saint Clare and you can see it and order it at the web address below:

Meg Shinall's Saint Clare

Prayer to Saint Clare: Patroness of Cross Stitchers
O Glorious Saint Clare!
G_D has given you the power of working miracles continually,
and the favour of answering the prayers of those who invoke your assistance in
misfortune, anxiety, and distress.
We beseech you,
obtain for us from Jesus,
through Mary, His Blessed Mother,
what we beg of you so fervently and hopefully,
(Mention your Petition in Private)
if it be in for the greater Honour and Glory of G_D
and for the good of our souls.

This is the special Novena to Saint Clare of Assisi: The Patron Saint of Stitchers.

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