Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm Stitching!

YIPPEE!!! I am beginning to feel like a real human again! I've managed to finish the border for 'Autumn Dragon' -- did change the colour and type of floss, though, to something else. I have about 10 lines done on the dragon...

I am about 1/3 finished and ready to go set myself down for another couple of hours of stitching.

Mike looked at it last night and seems very pleased with my colour choices. He says he plans to hang 'Be a Dragon' behind his desk as a reminder to *Roar* every now and then!

I am enjoying this -- I am so enjoying this.

This is also my first project using Piecemakers Needles -- Sadly, I am not impressed. Will stick with my John James from now on.

One of these days, I will either get my DD to plug in her scanner or will get Mike to plug mine in and will get a photo up of the WiP (or the finished product -- depends on when we get the darned scanners hooked up!).


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