Monday, January 23, 2006

Needle in Hand -- Again!

It feels nice to be stitching again. The feel of the fabric in my hands... the softness of the silk gliding thru the threads of the fabric...

I had really missed that these past 6 weeks.

I am working on 'Autumn Dragon' by Enchanting Lair and using the fine silk of Jo Fisher's Dinky Dyes.

It's a pleasure. The design is working up quickly and I can see progress by the hour. I love it.

I was thinking I'd rotate this with 'Be A Dragon' (also Enchating Lair) but I think I'll have it finished so soon there will be no need to rotate. This is a good thing as I must have BOTH of these finished and framed by May -- my 16th Wedding Anniversary. I never did frame the piece I did for my 14th -- it's Bent Creeks 'And their love grew like flowers in the Springtime'. Maybe... I should take that to the framer today... a day (or so...) late and a dollar short... but Mike knows I love him madly. He's my full-tilt Kilted laddie... How can anyone not fall for a Scot?

Yeah... I need to get that one to the framer today... and work on 'Autumn Dragon' when I get home!

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