Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Thoroughly Modern Stitcher - Not!

I have lots of gadgets. Floor frame, lap frame, hoops, stretcher bars, and Q-snaps.


I can't use 'em.

I tried using the darn Q-snaps on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. But after several rather fretful moments of sheer frustration -- I took them off and just settled down with nothing between me and the fabric. I can use Q-snaps with aida when I'm forced to stitch on aida... but not on evenweave or linen. I'm an "in-hand" stitcher.

It gets a bit tiresome at times, I admit. You should see me manhandling that linen for ATS! ;) But it's the only way I can do it.

I got some stitching done last night after the half-hour Q-snap debacle was over. I also managed to put all of my silk into plastic baggies (yes, I poked holes in the plastic to give the fibre breathing room!).

I like this project, but can see already that I'll be needing to contact Vicky about getting more silks for the extra panel I am planning to add to the piece.

I really need to get some small baggies for my GAST and WDW, too. I counted up about 200 skeins of it and it's all in one big bag. So much for me planning ahead.

*sigh* All of this time spent prepping and arranging it cutting into my actual stitching time. I blame... someone else. :)

This can't be my fault, now can it? I'm a thoroughly modern stitcher with all the best tools of my craft. Well... except for the Trolley needle: but that a tale best told another time.

As soon as the dishes are safely washed, dryed, and put away, I am going to go stitch for a while. My Q-snaps waiting patiently beside my stitching bag...

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