Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not off to the best start...

I just can't stitch when everyone (including me) is sick. Not to mention all of the Christmas preparations that must be done... RIGHT NOW!

I'm going to make some time this morning for an hour or so of stitching time. I used to love to stitch late at night as I have bouts of insomnia... but recently this has been impossible as my Mother has taken over my living room late at night watching endless re-runs of City Confidential.

I'm going to put a TV in her room at Christmas and take my living room (and hopefully, my life) over again.

I hate it when I let my stitching time get away from me. It makes me antsy... and annoyed. And short-tempered. Just what I need for the holidays, right?

Still plugging away on HoHRH and ATS... one of these days... one bright sunny day... I WILL have a Happy Dance! I just know it!

See you in Oz, folks!


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