Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Unproductive December


It was quite the most unproductive December I've ever had in terms of stitching and Holiday Plans.
A nasty, nasty bout with bronchitis has left me weak, tired, and thoroughly uninterested in any and everything.

Not a good end to the old year and not an auspicious beginning to the new one.

However, I am slowly but surely beginning to regain my old self. (Minus 26 pounds of the 'old' me!)

I plan to pick up my needle this coming weekend.

I'm going to re-think that too ambitious rotation. I think two projects on at a given time will be sufficient. Especially considering the sheer size of the projects I have chosen.

I am really anxious to see more of my effort and time going in to Houses of Hawk Run Hollow -- I've had that one set aside for far too long now.

I want to finish And They Sinned. That's my top priority right now. I've been working on it too slowly and too sporadically for too damn long.

No, I don't think I'll start ANYTHING new until I am at least finished with ATS and at least 1/2 thru HoHRH.

Happy and brilliant New Stitching Year to you all!


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