Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Gathering of Fine Excuses...

I've been here alone almost all day... and still found a thousand reasons and poor excuses not to get any stitching done.

Now, everyone is on their way back home and I'm all ready to sit down and work...


The light emanating from that Daylight Lamp has been compared to the ancient Lighthouse at Alexandria... puts quite a glare on the television and has caused uprisals to match those of the Visigoths.

I'm gonna stitch anyway, but... maybe I should've done so earlier when I had the peace and quiet that I'm always complaining that I never get.

I have two -- Count 'em! -- two goals for this weekend! Finish the large, middle angel and the two serpents on Page One of ATS.

I can do it -- of that, I am certain. If I actually sit down and put needle and thread to fabric.

I hear doors slamming... my Mother is home. Time to go irritate the mater familias...

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